Monday, 16 April 2012

Flowers For Someone Special

Hi All

Sorry about not blogging over the weekend,but have really busy,especially with it being Easter weekend.Between working aand a little socialising, the hours have flown so quickly.....

I think I ate too many easter eggs,my mum still insists on buying all of her sons an easteregg,don't get me wrong I love it as I am addicted to chocolate.

CAN you say "No" to chocolate,if you can just ley me know your secret mmmmmm well maybe not as I could not live without a bit of chocolate......
My mum is always trying to lose weight so I bought her an Easter bunch of flowers instead of chocolate which  she really loved ,and she made them into a gorgeous centrepeice for the fireplace.
You can see the before and after pictures below.

A simple bunch of Flowers that compliment the vase in between the Home Fireplace sign.
These are my mums facvourite flowers as she says they are worth every penny as they can last for weeks and still look amazing in a simple clear vase.
Mum is really creative and I am so grateful that she has passed the creative gene on to me.

Well folks off to bed now,had a really busy day.
Nighty Night......Sleep tight


Saturday, 7 April 2012

Wow........ I am actually Blogging

Well I never thought..........

I would have a blog up and going ,many people over the months have said, why not get yourself a blog it will be extremely theraputic in many ways.


A big thank you to all my family and freinds, who have finally got me to put pen to paper,or should I say fingers to the keyboard.

To be honest there is a valid reason why I have always shyed away from writing a blog.
PERHAPS you may have already guessed.........

I have got SEVERE DYSLEXIA ,after testing many years ago while still in school they discovered the reason why they thought I was lazy,it was due to the specific learning difficulties I have.


Well I have got to the ripe old age 27 years old and I have acheived so much, especially when I was written off by our British Education System.

Well I proved them all wrong,I passed my driving test, and have always worked since I left school.
Now I have the added bonus of offering my creative skills in my Special Occasions Decoration Businesss.
People with dyslexia are very often very creative and think outside of the box.
I do think outside the box and see things differently, which is why I am sure you will fall in love with my Decorations which are perfect for all Special Occasions.

This is ONE OF MY DECORATIONS which I HIRE OUT, and which have been extremely popular  when creating a vintage shabby chic,country garden theme.

 These are VINTAGE TEAPOTS which look amazing as TABLE CENTREPIECES for Weddings,Christenings and look amazing on Buffet tables.

Customers just add their own flowers whether fresh or silk.
 the flowers in this teapot are a very cost effective bunch of crystanthumums which come in an amazing array of colours and add that gorgeous shabby chic feel to the teapot.

Well people signing off for today,but will definately be back tomorrow.
Hope you will join me regularly for a chat ,update and to see what I am up to.

 A PICTURE PAINTS A THOUSAND WORDS,plus it saves me having to keep putting my spell checker on as I know my spelling is not perfect.
I would love to hear your opinions on these decorations